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Show Daily, your guide to Warrenton's Antiques Show


It's Showtime Again

What is Antiques Week and Who is Show Daily?

Next Show:

March 22 - April 8, 2018*

*NOTE: A handful of show venues will be open as early as March 16, 2018. See links to individual shows & fields (listed on left hand side of each town) for exact dates of specific locations.



Look Ma' "here we grow again"!
Roberto Alvarado

"If the state map had a star on it marking the "Antique Capital of Texas," it probably would rest on a tiny black dot in Fayette County, a pretty little place called Round Top (population 77). But ask any woman within a 200-mile radius of this east-central Texas whistle-stop, and she'll tell you that she's been there or knows someone who has. And if you haven't been, it's a safe bet that you've seen it on Bob Phillips' Texas Country Reporter or read about it in Newsweek." --JANIS TURK / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News

The Round Top - Warrenton area shows take place every Spring and Fall, mainly along Highway 237, halfway between Houston and Austin, Texas. Thousands of vendors and collectors flock in from every corner of the world with fine antiquities, garage sale goodies, decorator items, hand crafted pieces, food and more.

Many people dont realize that Antiques Week is not run by any one single organization, group or person. It is actually a bunch of individually run events that all coincided over roughly a ten-day period. By our count, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 shows going on during Antiques Week. Pretty impressive, especially when one considers that no one is in charge.

Show Daily magazine is the only publication dedicated to the events. The 100-plus page full color guide helps visitors get around, find specific dealers and items, as well as letting people know what is going on when and where. It is considered the Super Bowl Guide to Antiques Week. Show Daily is targeted directly to antiques buyers and dealers. The articles are informative, but not technical, making it attractive to both novice collectors and professionals alike.

Show Daily was founded by publishers and editors Roberto Alvarado and Susanna Kirchberg in 2000. Long-time dealers in antiques, the husband and wife team launched Show Daily with the idea of mapping the show area to make Antiques Week fun and easy for more buyers and sellers. Ten years later, Show Daily is considered one the best organized, in-depth, and complete guides of its genre.

Founded in 2000, The Round Top - Warrenton Show Daily magazine is the only publication dedicated to the largest antiques fair in the United States -- Antiques Week, which takes place twice a year in rural Round Top, Texas and surrounding towns. Its trademark chacteristics-- the Show Daily Map to the Stars, which marks dealers exact location in the show area on an 8-page gatefold map; the Buyers Guide index listings, which tell shoppers what dealers carry specific items and how to find them during the events; the Show Places calendar, which lists individual opening and closing dates and other vital information for each of the 59 shows that take place in the area; plus the articles that focus on show related special events, particular dealers, local happenings and sights, and antiques in general-- makes Show Daily what many call the bible of Antiques Week. It is the Whos Who guide to the biannual event attended by over 100,000 buyers.

While in these difficult economic times many hard copy publications are struggling to survive, Show Daily continues growing in circulation and page count. What began as a 12-page black and white tabloid in 2000 has developed into a 100+ page full color glossy magazine. Demand for Show Daily by readers is so great that its print run is now 30,000 per show-- quite a jump from the inaugural run of 1,000.

Show Daily delivers real bang for advertising dollars. 85% of the magazines advertisers renew each show because they see real results. 64% of the magazines are placed directly into buyers hands during Antiques Week. Unlike other trade papers, readers hold on to and use Show Daily during the six months in between events. Area Chambers of Commerce use Show Daily to entice new visitors to the area, and shoppers and promoters carry it to all corners of the U.S. to demonstrate the magnitude of the event.


"Keep up the good work. You are a major influence in the future of Round Top's activities during "Antique Week" and in the growth year 'round. What a balanced and non-biased publication. Visionary." -- Emma Lee Turney, Founder of the first antiques show in the Round Top area in 1967 and former publisher of Southwest Antiques News

"We visited the shows for the first time last September and picked up a copy of the Show Daily. What a wonderful guide! We had no trouble finding our way around, and the items we were looking for, thanks to your publication." -- Pete McCarthy, Buyer

"Show Daily is the single most important force that holds the shows together." -- John Sauls, Founder of the Marburger Farm Antique Show

"The first thing I do when I arrive is pick up a Show Daily. Its my bible." -- Michele Piccolo, Buyer and owner of Dustys Vintage Linens

"My friends and I come to the Antiques Fair each spring and fall and we keep going to the same places. After reading Show Daily I realize we are missing so much! I want each of us to have one in advance so we can plan our shopping trip before we head to the fair." -- Carol Scamardo, Buyer

"We had a great turnout in Carmine for the Spring Antique Festival!!! We hope we have an even better one in the Fall. The Carmine Chamber and all the shops are gearing up so we will be ready. We all love the Show Daily (magazine) and could not do without it. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!" --Emily Sellers,

"Our ad in the Show Daily Magazine has really brought us results. We are SO happy! We've picked up eight important new clients because of it, and we are still getting calls. Thank you! --Sharlene Cruz, Alexander Tent Rentals

"After a sale like that thanks to the Show Daily ad, youd be a fool to not keep advertising." -- Polly Hitt, Dealer and owner of Special Effects

"Thank you for everything that you do. Show Daily works. Wives came in with their husbands to shop after reading about us. It was amazing." -- Pandora de Bathazar, Dealer and owner of Timeless

"Wonderful magazine!!!!" --Ruchelle Davis, Dealer and owner of Town & Country Vintage Linens and Textiles

"My ad brings me at least $4000 in new business every show. I will never not advertise in Show Daily." -- Kay Wilbanks, Dealer and owner of Kays Just Friends

"Thank you so much for the wonderful story about the "Waco Drive" dealers in Cole's!" --Sandi Smith Crinkelmeyer, Dealer and co-owner of Crinkstuff

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