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Bingo Hall
Coufal House
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Gulf Warehouse Building
Jos Haussmann Blacksmith Shop
Jos Haussmann General Store
Legler House
Silver Dollar Saloon
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Volcik House
Wagon Shed
Zeiger House
Show Daily, your guide to Warrenton's Antiques Show

Silver Dollar Saloon in Marburger Farm

Genie of Texas & Antique House of McKinney

     Meet us at the... Silver Dollar Saloon. The Genie of Texas & Antique House of McKinney combine 40 years of experience to better serve you with a unique selection: ESTATE & VINTAGE JEWELRY, MAJOLICA, VICTORIAN, FIGURAL NAPKIN RINGS & SILVER, ANTIQUE DECORATIVE ACCESORIES and MORE. See you in the Saloon! Virginia & Jean

Elephant Walk

     Elephant Walk is Central Floridas premiere gallery for high-quality antique furniture, accessories and architectural elements. Specializing in European and Continental selections from around the world, Elephant Walk offers an extensive inventory of antiques and high quality reproductions to satisfy any design challenge. Outside the Silver Dollar Saloon, Marburger.

Website: www.elephantwalkantiques.com