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Round Top

To find fine dealers in Round Top select the area on the left.

Lots to see in Round Top all year long!

Next Show:

March 24 - April 8, 2018*

*NOTE: Some Round Top venues open slightly earlier or slightly later. See links to individual shows & fields (listed on left hand side) for exact dates of specific locations.



For more info please call Suzy Kirchberg:

Cell phone 979-966-7820

La Grange office: 979-249-4149

Office: 512-535-3705


NOTICE:New advertiser deadline for spring 2018 edition is January 15, 2018.

See the videos of some of the show dealers, treasures, places and events here! http://www.youtube.com/user/ShowDailyMagazine

In 1975, when I was all of about 9 years old, my mother would bring me to the country to her little Round Top studio full of antique treasures. It was my chance to get away from it all (meaning my three older brothers)! I loved going out on my own, straddling my bike, and exploring the little town.

Naturally, Id make a beeline to the local burger stop, which is now the wonderful Royers Café, and then it was off to the Apothecary, where Id pay my 75 cents for the Henkel Square Texas Pioneer Village Museum tour. Each weekend, docents of volunteers explained Texas history and how families lived back in the days of old. The buildings had been placed on the property and restored by philanthropist Faith Bybee for that specific purpose. Each was filled with beautiful things that earlier families needed to survive.

The first stop on the tour was the old Von Rosenberg house. I remember sitting on the steps back then, listening to the woman explain the contents of the home and the pioneer lifestyle. We werent allowed to go inside because there was a rope preventing people from doing so. Somewhat disappointed, Id lean in as far as I could to take a peek at all the sights.

The building is now home of the Copper Shade Tree Gallery. Next door is their working fine crafts studio, where nationally recognized artisans come to create. The studio was once the main houses kitchen. Back then, kitchens were not attached to the principal buiding.

Today, each of these darling historical structures are still filled with beautiful things, but now with a contemporary twist, and the curious are not only welcome, but encouraged to step inside.

Indian Creek, a quaint artisan gift shop and home décor boutique, occupies the old the Mary Phelps house. Next-door is the Beth Anderson art studio and gallery, with its welcoming porch and bright yellow benches. The Hawk Creek church, which has become a beautiful focal point of the old square, is available for weddings and other special gatherings. Among one of the larger houses, with its double fireplace, is the Mucleroy House  the new office and studio of Steve and Sonya Wipple of Brison Oil and Gas. Like all of the buildings, it too has been beautifully restored.

The little building next to it was originally the Henkel house kitchen, which was a smokehouse once upon a time. It is now a pie-and-coffee house named Royers Pie Haven. Run by the Royers family (of Royers Round Top Cafe fame), they have done a wonderful job making it a cozy place to have a yummy piece of award-winning pie while sipping on hot java. On any given Friday you can find me there enjoying a cup (watch out Starbucks!).

Our Chamber of Commerce also relocated to Henkel Market Square. Next-door is Mrs. Johnsons The Blue Door, with home decor items and books, and neighboring that building her husband, Frank, mans the Heritage Country Properties real estate office.

New life has been breathed into Henkel Square, which is now named Henkel Market Square. It still holds its beauty and history, and remains to be remembered lovingly as a tribute to our Texas heritage.

Located in the heart of Round Top is another treasure of a square that is home to an eclectic group of artists and artisans with one-of-a-kind objects ranging from clothing to artist-created home furnishings. The best made-to-order pizza and cold beer or wine around can also be found here. Named after the founder of the Texas Pioneer Arts Foundation, Faith Bybee, Bybee Square features special events and extended hours during Antiques Week.

Just one block off of the main Antique Trail of Hwy 237, on Mill Street, one will find the most visible entrance to the square. One of the squares noteworthy buildings is the 1800s stone brewery. Currently it is home of the Stone Cellar, which serves pizza, beer, and fine wine. The building has a fabulous cellar complete with fireplace. Several evenings during the show one will find live music outside under the live oaks. Check them for a schedule at 979-249-3390.

The two-story building next door to the Cellar houses Laura Sgovio Designs. The building was originally located on the block of Live Oak Street facing the Town Square but was moved in the early 1900s to its current location. It once housed a mercantile business operated by the von Rosenberg family. Laura is a noted jewelry designer who also carries works by other designers along with a line of bath and body products and candles. She is open for late-night shopping during the show and usually hosts an open house. You can check for hours at 979-249-3618.

The little building on the corner of Mill Street is actually two shops in one. It was moved here from Henkel Square in 2004, as was the Copper Shade Tree structure, and dates from the late 1800 as well. Now home to Crazy Emma, named for shop owner Nancy Coopers black lab, the boutique features doggie items, fun sandals, and things that are just plain unique. The shop has expanded hours during the show, so call 979-421-0261 for times. Cowgirl Junkys is the second business here, and as the front porch attests, it is very eclectic with antique and funky items for the home. Owner Helen Roberts has a great eye for decorative items, and also makes some of the best pickled jalapeños on the planet. Plan on getting there early as she usually runs out during the show. Tel. 832-326-4478.

Behind the Stone Cellar, on the east side of the deck, is the nationally-recognized Gallery at Round Top, which features fine art in varied media-- from oil paintings and fine jewelry to folk art. The building was constructed in the 1970s by Mrs. Bybee using techniques that were common locally during the late 1800s. It was moved to the present location in 2004. The gallerys owners are artists Ken Munzenmeyer, wife Karen Vernon, Linda Tibolla and her husband Dave. They showcases artists from several states with openings, workshops, and private events scheduled throughout the year. Late shopping and events are planned for the show, so be sure to call 979-249-4119 for a schedule.

Next door to the Gallery, on the corner of Austin Street and von Rosenberg, sits Comforts, which is also run by the owners of The Gallery. This building, from the late 1800s, was the home of the Knutsen family. It was originally located between the Chamber office and Botts Title, facing the town square on Mill Street. It was moved by Mrs. Bybee to her farm in the 1960s and moved again to the present location in 2003. Comforts is full of art designed for living-- from door knockers to dishes.

Between the south side of the Bybee deck and Austin Street is home to Mimibella. The house, built in the 1860s, was residence of Miss Ima Hogg in the 1960s and 70s, so it is often called the Ima Hogg house. It features two stories and a stone cellar. The room facing the deck was added in 2004. Ladies who enjoy personalized attention and a little pampering will want to make it a point of visiting the newest Mimibella boutique on Round Tops Bybee Square.

Shop owner Ginger Rettig has made it her mission to carry comfortable linen fashions for mature women who seek a jazzy look with real substance. The result is an exceptional grouping of clothing and accessories that are perfect for a casual luncheon with the gals or a sophisticated evening in town.

The team at Mimibellas works closely with their clientele to help them choose the most flattering additions to personal wardrobes, after-hours appointments may also be arranged for those with hectic day-time schedules. Among esteemed designers represented at all three Mimibella boutiques are Magnolia Pearl, Flax, Chalet, Cut Loose, Liz & Jane and several others.

Besides the new Round Top shop, the boutique has retail locations in downtown Brenham and Bellville, home of their original storefront. For upcoming events and store specials, visit mimibellas.com

Bybee Square is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year to shop, stroll, sit under the oaks, and have a pleasant time. Parking is available on all four sides of the square, but not immediately in front of the shops facing Mill Street. Be sure to visit this historic square during your stay in the area.