How To Improve Your Muscle Strength And Density With Halotestin

benefits of Halotestin

Halotestin is a powerful steroid that is used to treat deficiencies of testosterone in the body. Several bodybuilders and athletes consume it to treat low levels of testosterone in the body. The steroid is administered orally and has been used since the 1950s. Halotestin was initially developed to treat breast cancer, muscle atrophy, bone fractures, malnourishment, spinal injuries, burns, and much more.

Due to its performance and physique improvement benefits, it has become popular in the body building and health industry. Many fitness enthusiasts use steroids to make their bones stronger and denser naturally.

Let us see how to consume this steroid to enhance your muscle strength, size, and power.

What are the benefits of Halotestin

The chemical name of Halotestin is called fluoxymesterone. It is a potent androgenic and anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders and athletes. Below are some of the advantages of consuming Halotestin in the body.

  • It maintains a positive nitrogen balance in the body. It boosts the synthesis of protein in the body. The steroid also accelerates muscle recovery after you train in the gym.
  • It promotes impressive amounts of muscle development in the body. This steroid assists you to put on mass on muscles up to thirty pounds in a relatively short time of around six to eight weeks.
  • Halotestin helps you achieve a harder, leaner, more and defined appearance
  • It provides the extra-strength to a user for a grueling performance.
  • Gives massive strength to users that helps them lift more bodyweight gradually
  • Helps to build denser muscles and quickly repairs them
  • It doesn’t require any injections. So, this steroid is great for those who do not prefer steroid injections. Fluoxymesterone is available in oral forms of consumption that include tablets, capsules, etc.

What is the dosage of halotestin for athletes?

Beginners and intermediates steroid users should consume 10mg to 20mg Halotestin a day. Due to short half-life, break this dose to two parts and consume it in the morning and the evening.

Advanced steroid users can consume 30mg to 40mg per day by splitting the dosage into two equal parts. Anything above forty mg a day can lead to a lot of harm to the body. It can cause damage to the liver also.

To get the desired muscle building and cutting effects, its use is scheduled to take a short period between two and four weeks towards the cutting cycle. The right way to consume oral anabolic steroids is on an empty stomach. This is because its absorption in the stomach is restricted due to the presence of food.

Proper PCT

When you use steroids, you need to include a post cycle therapy. Buy Halotestin is a very powerful steroid and can lead to liver toxicity if you don’t perform PCT. It is advised to get on-cycle support using milk thistle supplements for the liver. Clomid and Nolvadex are the popularly used PCT drugs. Consume 50 mg Nolva per week for four weeks.

Best Fluoxymesterone Solo Cycle and Combined Cycle

Halotestin for sale online can be used alone or in conjunction with other steroids. Here, we are going to show you a sample steroid cycle to see noticeable advantages, and impact of the steroid in the body.

It is a cutting steroid that is ideal for people, who wish to lose fat in the body. A majority of cycles last for only four weeks, but some people run it for even eight weeks. It is advised to stick to a four-week cycle to prevent any side effects linked to its overdose.

Best Fluoxymesterone Solo Cycle

Halotestin has a short half-life so you need to consume it two times a day. A beginner or intermediate cycle need 10mg to 20 mg of halotestin daily for a period of four to six weeks. Advanced steroid users would need 30mg to 40mg daily for six to eight weeks. Split the steroid dose into two parts and take once in the morning and evening.

Advice for Female

Halotestin benefits women in numerous ways. It reduces unwanted fat from the body. Intake of this steroid helps you achieve a body of 6 percentage fat or less.

It helps women by increasing the metabolism and the rate of calorie burn that makes it beneficial for accomplishing cutting objectives in the body. Due to this reason many women bodybuilders use it while cutting down and preparing for a contest.


Fluoxymesterone for sale is a remarkable drug that has shown its effectiveness and incredible potency, in areas of muscle gain and cutting objectives. It does not cause any major side effects that make it a great addition to your training routine.